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The Wallet

infiniOffice provides the unique Wallet feature. The Wallet enables pre-payments where funds can be added in advance. This replaces the monthly billing system as the expenses associated with the services are directly deducted from your Wallet. It comes with an alarm system which reminds you whenever the funds in the Wallet are running low. It also allows you to control how the funds are distributed among the different departments within your company.

There are two types of Wallet:

Customer Wallet - Also called the Global Wallet, this is associated with the customer ID

Department Wallet - Associated with a particular department

Deposits are made in the Customer Wallet, which are then distributed among the departments in the customer ID through the Department wallet. Funds can either be separately allotted to the departments or they can directly use the Customer Wallet for their expenses.

The customer account has full control over the Customer as well as the Department Wallet. A department administrator can not recharge the wallet if it is out of funds. Only the customer account can recharge the Customer as well as the Department Wallets.


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