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infiniOffice Global

infiniOffice Global package can be ordered for a minimum time period of 3 months. It offers a 10 % and 25 % discount on advance purchases for 6 and 12 months respectively. This package costs £ 25 per month plus one-time set-up fees of £50. The following services are included:

  • A UK phone number
  • A UK fax number
  • 10 GB storage space
  • Free calls to 60 locations worldwide
  • *100 calls (per month) answered by VO operators free of cost. Afterwards calls will be charged at the rate of £ 0.50 per call
  • infiniDrive
  • E-mail management
  • Project management
  • No fax forwarding on fax number (just email or IO)
  • No postal mail address (business address + postal mail forwarding to be purchased separately)
  • Phone rates according to call tariff
  • Phone forwarding will be billed according to call tariff
  • Creating new department will cost £5 per month (because of its user) duration 3,6,12 months
  • Free Blue Phone / ATA Adapter
  • If infiniOffice Global expires, all the extra services (e.g. business address purchased) will continue working until they are valid but their administration (i.e. the infiniOffice interface access) will be blocked until the service is renewed.
  • £ 5 in wallet
  • If wallet is zero or –ve, we will stop answering calls and sending postal mails.
  • Every thing that depends on wallet will be suspended till wallet top up
  • Wallet reminders will be sent when wallet is below £3 and another mail will be sent when wallet hits £0.

*Any additional calls can be answered by VO operators at nominal charges  


  • Additional blue phone/ATA adapter at £100 GBP
  • Additional Phone/Fax Line at £10 per month and £50 set-up fee
  • Additional User at £ 5 (per user)


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