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The infiniCall mobile telecommunications solution is designed to help you manage all your business communications effectively. Much more than a simple call forwarding service, infiniCall offers the following service options to its subscribing users:

  • A prestigious Central London business phone number (infiniOffice number);
  • Seamlessly integrated Mobile and Landline functionality;
  • Increased response efficiency of your company;
  • Free Hardware (Phone Sets) - free VOIP phone desk set worth £100/-, free mobile handset, free infiniDialler (low cost dialer) software
  • Adaptability with your particular business requirements.
  • infiniCall with Mobile Contract ( UK customers only)
  • infiniCall Lite (without Mobile Contract) ( UK customers only)
  • infiniCall International (International customers only)
  • Affordability (Special discounts for all UK customers; Special forwarding rates for all International customers)
  • Easy (no-fuss!) Installation without any cables or connection ports to set up!
  • System Integrated Contacts Manager (Address Book)
  • Low Cost Routing for outgoing calls
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
  • Call Handling and Monitoring
  • Priority call numbers *
  • Text/SMS Alerts *
  • Ring-back Facility *
  • Conference Calls setup feature *
  • Free Calls *
  • Special Offers *

*Please note that while most infiniCall features are universal and available to all users, few are region specific and currently only available to the UK subscribers.

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